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“David Alcala has developed and mastered techniques unique in the glass arts. Transferring his sand painting skills into fusible glass frit allowed him to vitrify and preserve his dramatic imagery as solid glass. His quick and fun techniques, coupled with his clear step-by-step directions and the Flexi-Glass Medium, will form the basis for creative new design directions for years to come.”

Eric Lovell, Founder/President Uroboros Glass

“I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you so much for teaching at and participating in our annual national conference. You are an amazing artist and it is so generous of you to share and teach your wonderful techniques! RAGS members are still posting their positive comments and feedback and they are raving about your classes! thanks for helping me to think creatively again.”

JoAnna Vitale, President, R.A.G.S. (Retailers of Art Glass and Supplies) Art Glass Connection

"It is always exciting to see what David has come up with. He is one of the few actual innovators in our industry. His Flexi-Glass Medium is a great addition to the fusers palette. Davidʼs Glass Tapestry technique is quite amazing where as he turned his working surface 90 degrees onto its edge to create some of the most unique landscapes ever made with fused glass. Watching David work is like watching a musician playing an instrument. It is a very fluid process”.

The Glass Guru and Author” Gil Reynolds

I've got a feeling that this new "Flexi-Glass" technique will bring many additional changes to the glass art field, and to kiln-formed glass in particular. I can remember when Dan & Boyce dared to begin production of fusing friendly glass many years ago, and I suspect your contributions may well open up similar horizons for glass folks 'round the world”

Gerry Phibbs, International Glass Artist Guild

“David, your art is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I only got to try your technique twice since, but I am hooked! I have been practicing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to meeting you again”.

Tanya Veit, Renown Art Instructor

     Since introducing his innovative techniques to the class art community a few years ago, David Alcala’s classes have become one of most popular classes offered around the country. In his class, David passes along his amazing method of frit work he calls Glass Tapestry. His approach involves layering different colors of glass frit in a confined space (much like sand painting). Using only a wire stylus, he is able to achieve amazing images with a textural effect. This is a totally unique way of creating imagery in glass. Students will have the opportunity to practice the various processes before they make their own fused glass tapestry. This technique will enable you to make individual images, as well as glass that could be used as elements in finished pieces.

In addition David will share other amazing techniques and applications that can be applied to other fused glass works from jewelry to plate work. His FlexiGlass Medium that he developed has captured the attention of all fusers around the world. Using this medium guarantees to add fun and spectacular detail to your fused glass work. So sign up today for a class that suites your fusing experience and desire whether it be a beginning or master class we have something for you.

About David  10/30/51 - 9/6/14

Travel Classes and Workshops Dates for 2014

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Stained Glass Garden (Sun.) Berkeley, CA                                Feb. 2

The Stained Glass Shop Glendale, AZ                                       Feb. 15, 16

Fusion Headquarters Portland, OR                                             March 8

Pacific ArtGlass Gardena, CA                                                     March 15

Glass Expo Las Vegas, NV                                                         March 28-30       

O.AT.KA School of Glass/Studio, Batavia NY                             April 26, 27                    

Tiffany Glaskunst GmbH Helleforthstraße 18-20
33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany                                May 9, 10

Hollander Glass, Texas                                                                June 7, 8

Stained Glass Garden Berkeley, CA                                            June 22, 29

Sand To Glass Design Studio/Gallery Monterey, CA

in the American Tin Cannery Outlet Mall (ATC)  831-372-1209         

- Introduction to Fused Glass Classes                                                                                          


Bella Glass Studios Denver, CO                                August 16, 17

Designs by Ja9, Arroyo Grande, CA                          August  23-24

Arkansas Arts Center Museum School, Little Rock       Sept. 6, 7

Uroboros Glass, Portland, OR                        cancelled  Oct .2,3,4

Gilraphal Glass Products, Tel -Aviv, Israel     cancelled               

The Stained Glass Shop - Glendale, AZ         cancelled  Nov. 8, 9, 10

AAE Glass  Cape Coral, FL                            cancelled   Nov 12-16

Delphi Glass, Lansing, MI                               cancelled         

Harmony Stained Glass, Pasadena TX          cancelled