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Sand to Glass

Sand to Glass is an visual instructional guide introducing David Alcala’s creative journey from a world renown sand artist to now a glass artist who’s innovative fusing techniques has created a swell the attention and followers the glass art community. This book is filled with beautiful images and simple and easy to understand directions. David’s revolutionary techniques are destined to open doors to new and different fusing applications. Hopefully, like other glass artist who have read this book or have taken David classes seem to all come away with an igniting new sense of creativity and inspiration.

     You may ask what makes this  book different from other instructional fusing books already out there? This book is about revealing new techniques and applications which are entirely new to the fusing community. I intend to create pages that are filled with beautiful photos of finished work while passing on to you the simple techniques I used to create them. All the projects are designed  to save you time and material costs yet giving you amazing results. This book will not be the history of glass but the future. It won’t be loaded down with technical information, there are plenty of books and online information where one can go to for technical help. I want to pass on to you new techniques and applications that are innovative and considered revolutionary to the world of glass art. The book will Introduce new possibilities working with glass and frit, and will show you how I’ve changed the direction from a flat horizontal surface to vertical allowing for surprising results.  
     My new Flexi-Glass medium is also officially introduced in this book. It is now being produced and distributed around the country, creating a huge swell of excitement. The book provides the most information and instructions on this fantastic new fusing medium. Using Flexi-Glass, I will show you how you can, in just a matter of minutes, create your own paper-like film sheets of fusible glass that can be torn or cut with just a pair of scissors. I’ll show you how to create threads of glass without any heat, pattern bars without cutting a strip of glass. You’ll learn how to make micro thin gold or silver leaf-like material from lusters, how to make glass fusible decals and shapes and turn them into beautiful scenes without cutting a single piece of glass. These are just some of the new fusing applications I offer in my book. 
     In the end, my goal is to introduce you to new tools and techniques that are simple, fun and designed to stimulate your own unique creative imagination and guide you into a new direction in fusing.
Thank you,
David Alcala                                     


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